Unable to connect the printer: Access Denied

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Under a Windows 2000 network, a computer is designated as the network PC and many other computers can be connected to use the same hardware resources such as scanners, printers, copiers etc. Your PC will need to be connected to the network computer. You can manage the options in the server side of the computer by selecting the relevant options. In the local users' account, a guest account may be disabled across a network. So reverse this, simply uncheck the account disabled option. Once you are done managing and streamlining the accounts, restart your computer for the changes to be applied. The user should now have access to the network's resources including the network printer.


In a Windows 2000/XP environment, whenever I try to print from my network printer (printer attached to other Windows-based systems), I get the following error message:

"Unable to connect the printer, access denied, printer could not be started".  


The problem can be solved permanently, through a few simple steps:
  • 1) Go to the computer to which the printer is connected.
  • 2) Open its Computer management dialog box by right clicking on My Computer icon and choose the "Manage" option.
  • 3) It will open the Computer Management window.
  • 4) Go to Local users and computer and Click on USERS.
  • 5) There will be a guest account, which is disabled while you are working in the domain/workgroup environment.
  • 6) Just enable this "Guest " User account, by clicking onto it. Then go to Properties, then General Tab, Uncheck the "Account is disabled" option and restart the computer (the one attached to the printer).
  • 7) All done.

Printers should now say "Ready".

Thanks to MJK for this tip.

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