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Updating Nero

Nero is one of the most popular CD/DVD writing as well as burning software that allows one to customize media files. It is vital to update Nero for several reasons. One can take advantage of the resolved bug issues that may have featured in the previous version. At the same time, the user can get access to the latest support, tools and options like HD format, free updates, streaming capabilities for latest gaming consoles etc. The updated versions of Nero can be downloaded from the official website of the company and one can install the software with the help of Update Wizard. It is important to remember that if Nero comes with an OEM license, then it is better not to update it online.

Nero is one of the most popular burning and backup software. It provides flexible, user friendly options, allowing you to classify and manage your multimedia files and creating personalized digital media. Updating your Nero is necessary for several reasons:

Having the bugs from the previous version fixed.
Provide support for your new CD and DVD Burners.
Benefit the new options and tools available. Mini HD DVD video disc playback or burning HD DVD video on DVD-R/RW support

Here is a list of the latest available options:

Graphically optimized for Windows Vista.

HD format support (Blu-ray and HD DVD burning option).

Direct access to all features from the project launcher.

Streaming functions for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

Free updates available

Steps in updating your Nero

Providing that you already have Nero installed on your PC:

Download the update with the link below


Installation guide

Run the update wizard and after installation restart your PC to avoid any bugs.

Important notice

If your Nero software comes with a recently bought CD/DVD drive, it is very likely that is has an OEM license. If the serial number contains these three letters OEM, better not try to update your Nero online, as this may result in having a 30 day trial version instead.


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