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Clean Master is a free optimization and cleaning tool for Android. It can clean junk files to free up storage, optimize the RAM memory on your device and much more. If your Android tablet or smartphone is overheating or lagging, then this tool can help you out. Here's an overview of Clean Master's main features:

Download and Installation

Clean Master can be downloaded from the Google Play Store.

The Interface

Clean Master integrates four main features:

Junk Files - Clean obsolete and unnecessary files.
Phone boost - Close any unnecessary background task, services or apps to free up RAM.
Antivirus - Scan your phone for threats.
App Manager - Manage, move or uninstall apps from your phone.

Cleaning Junk files

The amount of space that can be recovered will be displayed:

Clear the checkboxes next to the items that you don't want to delete. Tap on CLEAN JUNK button to proceed:

Optimizing the use of RAM memory

Tap on Phone Boost. Tap on Boost to free up the indicated amount of memory:

Antivirus scan

Scan for harmful programs, security flaws and exploits:

App Manager

An alternative to Android default app manager, but with additional features:

Change the location of installed apps: Move apps from your phone storage to your memory card.
Organize your apps into folders: Tap on More > Settings > App Manager. Toggle Automatically sort apps - Move similar apps into folders On:

Other useful features

Monitor the CPU temperature

Clean Master integrates a small feature to reduce the CPU temperature of your Android device by disabling unnecessary background tasks or apps. Tap on Phone Boost and then on the Check button located next to CPU Cooler:

Clean Master will scan the CPU:

The list of tasks/apps running in the background will be displayed. Tap on Cool Down to disable unnecessary background tasks:

Optimize the battery charging speed

The Boost Charge feature of the Clean Master app allows you to optimize the charging speed of your Android device. Tap on More menu > Settings:

Scroll to Charging Settings and toggleEnable Boost Charge on:

BoostCharge is now enabled:

Lock the access to your apps

Clean Master can to lock the access to the apps installed on your Android Phone, with a lock pattern or password. Enabling this feature is really easy. Tap on the Menu key > App Lock:

Select the apps and tap on Protect.

Set your lock pattern or password:

Enforce the safe browsing mode

You can configure Clean Master to enforce safe browsing mode on the browser apps installed on your Android smartphone. Go to Settings > Security Settings and toggle Safe browsing On:
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