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Customize Your Profile URL on LinkedIn

Upon creation of a LinkedIn account, the social network will assign a URL to your profile page that is composed of a series of letters and numbers. This long and complicated URL can be quite difficult to remember, but luckily, LinkedIn offers users the opportunity to customize their URLs in order to enhance the presentation of their pages.

In addition to appearing more professional, creating a custom URL for your LinkedIn profile page also makes it easy for employers and connections to find you online. This quick tutorial will walk you through the steps in customizing the URL to your LinkedIn profile page.

Create Vanity URL on LinkedIn

Vanity URLs are made up of a combination of letters and numbers (between 5-30 characters). The use of spaces, symbols and special characters is strictly prohibited.

Connect to your LinkedIn account and click on the Account & Settings menu > Privacy & Settings:

Go to Privacy Controls > Edit your public profile:

In the right panel, click on + Create your custom URL:

Type the new URL and then click on Save:

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