Resetting Samsung Omnia i900

April 2018

Samsung is known for phone manufacturing. But with some Samsung phones like the Omnia i900, one may encounter some problems, such as the processor of the Samsung phone becoming slow. This may have happened due to the installation of incompatible applications that have caused errors. There is a high chance that the mobile has been infected by a malware that has occupied a lot of space which has made the phone slow. This is the common way a virus affects any mobile device. The only way out is to hard-reset the phone, but one needs to store the data of the phone before proceeding.


Your Samsung Omnia i900 phone's processing is getting slower - it could be that you tried installing an incompatible application which caused some errors, and the phone is resetting automatically. You can also get infected by some harmful viruses which can cause errors or cause your phone to process more slowly. These are the most common problems with the Samsung Omnia i900.


The only solution for all Omnia users is to hard-reset the phone.
Please note that this will erase all data in your phone memory and storage memory! It's better to save all your data onto a memory card before resetting the phone.

To do hard reset:
Press "Main Menu" > "Settings",
Tap on the "System" Tab,
Tap the "Hard Reset" option,
You can choose the type of memory you want to reset, either Main or Storage Memory.
Just click on "Clear Memory" button to reset the phone completely.
Your phone will be restarted and reset to factory settings.
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