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Sony VAIO keyboard issue - Making a backslash


When trying to make a backslash using the key found at the right side of my VAIO keyboard it is not working, instead of a backslash its giving me some letters


Many VAIO users may have noticed that alphabetical keys would bring up numerical and/or punctuation values. For example, the "i" key would type "5".

On your Vaio laptop keyboard, on the upper right hand side of keys,there is the 'Num Lk/ Scr Lk' button. Simply unclick this so that the light goes out. This keyboard does not require the 'num lock' as regular usb style keyboards do,since there is no right hand numerical keypad.....

From here the key assign to backslash will work properly.

Solution, cybergal on the forum.

A few words of thanks would be greatly appreciated.

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