Launch Application automatically

You want to turn on your computer without having to then open Windows Mail, Thunderbird or any other application manually? This tip is for you!

  • Open the Start menu, then "Control Panel", "Administrative Tools" "Computer Management"
  • Open "System Tools"
  • Click on "Event Planner"
  • Click on "Create Task" (right)
  • In "General", to name the action (eg Mail)
  • Check "Run with the permissions"
  • In "Triggers", click "New".
  • Select "Start the task at startup"
  • In "Action" to "New".
  • Click on "Browse", go to "Computer", click on the hard drive, look for the folder "Programs", and inside, find the program folder that you want to start. E.g We will try the Windows Mail.
  • When found, open Windows Mail and double click on the executable program (here: WindowsMail.exe)
  • In "Conditions", uncheck "Stop if the computer is on battery.
  • Validate it by clicking OK.
  • Restart the computer.
Note that you can do this for other tasks depending on certain rules
  • Send an email
  • Run a program
  • Display a message (and add a script)
  • At a scheduled time
  • At the opening of a session
  • After a period of inactivity
  • At an event
  • Set a time for action (activation-expiration)
  • Identify repetitions
  • Defining reports
  • Run only if the computer is idle
  • Wait for inactivity
  • Do not start the task if the computer is connected to the sector / battery
  • Do not start on such a network
It is strongly recommended to implement this trick to run antivirus software at startup. They will start automatically.
The same is true for some Windows services that start automatically at startup.

Make sure that all your program does not start already at that time. If you only want to open the application at startup, there are even simpler way, in the "Start" menu, click on "Programs" and add the application icon to start in the "Startup" folder. Under Vista, these operation can be done via the "Task Scheduler" utility tool.

To access it : Right click on the "Computer" icon> Select manage> System tool >Task Scheduler
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