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How to Create a Signature in Outlook.com

An email signature provides useful and pertinent information about who you are. You can use it to display your contact details, current job title, company name, an image, a small message, URLs and much more. This article explains how to create an email signature that will automatically appear at the bottom of email messages sent with Outlook.com.

The first step is to connect to Outlook.com account. Then click on the cog shaped icon and then on Options. Go to the Writing Email section and click on Formatting, font and signature:

The Message font field allows you to customize the default font settings for the email composition window:

Create your signature

The Personal signature field is where you can create your email signature. The first step is to choose in which format you want to create your signature, HTML, Rich Text Format or Plain Text (doesn't allow the use fonts styles and color):

Format your text

Type the information you want to be displayed in your signature directly in the text field and then customize the font settings, styles and color:

Add a clickable URL

You can also add a clickable hyperlink in your signature. Furthermore you can hide this hyperlink behind a phrase or word. Simply highlight the text you want to use, click on the Insert URL button and paste the link of your selection:

Insert a picture in your signature

You can easily add a picture or logo to your email signature, but the following conditions must be met. Your email signature must be created using the Rich Text Format and you must imperatively use the image you want to use as signature must be an online image (URL required). Images stored on your computer can't be used, unless they are uploaded to a cloud service such as DropBox, OneDrive or Google Drive.

To insert a picture in your signature, you will need to open two browser windows and place them side by side. In the first browser window open Outlook.com and go to the signature editor. In the second browser window, open the website on which your image or logo is hosted. Right-click on the image > Open image in a new tab. From there simply drag the selected image to the Personal signature field:

That's it! The image has been inserted:

How to use your new email signature

Once you have created your signature, click on the Save button. It will automatically appear in your new emails.


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