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What is Collaborative Economy?

What is collaborative economy and how it is being used in the business context? What are the opportunities offered to businesses and professionals? Learn more about this new approach that focuses on the exchange of services and the sharing of resources.
Barter, exchange, mutualism..., the collaborative economy or sharing economy has always existed. In the current economic context, this win-win trend is increasingly being used to various fields: exchange of services, rental of apartments or appliances, carpooling and much more. Collaborative economy is also made possible through the various web and mobile applications which help connect individuals from all around the globe.

When applied to the business context, collaborative economy can be tackled from different angles. SOHO / SMEs can set up a system for their employees, while entrepreneurs and professionals can register on specialized online platforms to connect with other individuals and trade specific sets of skills. One of the major advantages of the collaborative economy: it helps to save time and be more productive by quickly responding to specific needs, often without the need to move. Using a mobile app or a dedicated website, it is possible to find a car, rent equipment, find new customers or perform a tedious task in a few clicks. Collaborative economy will also help you to get in touch with other professionals, particularly in the context of co-working and when using a shared office space. This type of environment can foster the exchange ideas and skills, help to find the find the right people for your projects, create yob opportunities and finally help in the discovery of new trends and innovations. Getting in touch with professionals from other fields or subscribing to matchmaking Web platforms can be very beneficial in finding new customers, expand you recruitment pool, improve your online visibility and branding, promote your business on new communications channels, and also to finance your projects. Carpooling help you to reduce your travel and fuel costs by sharing a ride with people travelling in the same direction. Uber and BlaBlaCar are two famous online platforms specializing in carpooling, they regroups millions of users around the globe who have adopted carpooling as their principal means of commuting. If you are searching for a cheap way to go to your office and return back home, carpooling can be the ideal solution! Collaborative economy can also include the sharing of the office space based on the principle of coworking. Coworking is particularly suited for self-employed professionals willing to reduce costs related to renting, electricity, Internet access, equipment and consumables. This type of environment also facilitates the exchange of services and expertise.

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