How to Use Short Form Videos in the Professional Context

Most of the mobile internet users have at least a video sharing app like Vine, Instagram or Cameo installed on their mobile phone. Short-form videos allow users to share content in a format adapted to mobile devices and the opportunities offered by this type of media didn't fail to attract the attention of marketing professionals and businesses. This short-form video trend started in 2012 and since then it spread like wildfire. Record a video with your smartphone, share it with hundred of users and create a buzz, short form videos allows you to deliver your content rapidly. There are several factors lying behind the success of short-form videos:

Ease of use: Easily record, share or view videos via a dedicated app.
Online visibility: Videos can gain massive popularity in a short time through a viral process. Videos with a high number of likes or views tend to attract more users.
Small size: 6 seconds for a Vine video and 3 - 15 seconds for an Instagram video.
Social networking features: Most of these apps provide access to various social networking features to facilitate relationships among people sharing the same interests.
Principle of use: the user downloads a video sharing application on his smartphone and creates an account which can be associated to his other social profiles (Twitter, Facebook...). As he starts sharing his videos on the platform, he will also expand his network of friends. Accounts with a high number of subscribers tend to be more visible on the platform!

Short-form videos can be used to disseminate a message, create an advertising campaign, create a teaser or demo for a product (tutorial or unboxing), communicate internally within the company (events...) and much more.

As for any communication strategy, it is necessary to define the target, goal and tone or the message. Storytelling is an important aspect; try to create a narrative that runs through the entire video. If the story is too long then break it into several smaller episodes. Make use of the tools provided by the apps to enhance your videos (filters, effects...). There are simple ways to increase the visibility of your videos; you can choose to stay within the boundaries of the app or interact with other social network: Share a Vine video on Twitter or share an Instagram video on Facebook Vine is the most popular video sharing app. It therefore offers the best audience. You can record videos having a maximum duration of 6 seconds and share them on Twitter, Facebook or Vine. Vine is ideal solution to target a young audience. Instagram introduced a video functionality to compete with Vine. Instagram allows you to record videos of up to 15 seconds and also gives you access to a couple of video filters to edit your final work. While it has a low audience, Cameo can be considered as the most artistic of all the video sharing apps. This app is dedicated to experienced users who emphasize on creating beautiful videos.
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