Make a video of your Urban Terror gameplay

Making a video of the Urban Terror game in AVI can be done easily. Press the F12 key to record a video of your video game playing session, and save it in a special file. Pressing the F12 key again will stop the recording. Once the recording is complete, the file will have to be rendered to create an .AVI file. There is a limitation on the size of AVI files: maximum 2GB only. The AVI video is a MJPEG format file which is difficult to compress. However, it is possible to convert the AVI video of your Urban Terror gameplay to other more standard formats.

It is easy to make good quality videos of your Urban Terror gameplay in AVI.
When you're in a game, just press the F12 key to start recording (press F12 several times if it does not work the first time).

This saves the game as a special file .dm_68 which takes some space (about 6 MB for each 10 minutes recorded).

You will notice that the recording has begun at the top of the screen (filename and size in kilobytes which increases). Files are stored in:

  • ~/.q3a/q3ut4/demos for Linux
  • c:\Program Files\UrbanTerror\q3ut4\demos for Windows.

Press F12 again to stop recording.

(Note that recording continues automatically even when you change the map.)
Once the recoding is made in .dm_68, quit the game.
Adjust then the graphics settings of Urban Terror with the resolution you want (800x600 is a good choice), and adjust the level of maximum detail (textures).

This will give you a better picture.

  • Go to the Demo menu, and run the demo you recorded.
  • Early in the demo, press SHIFT ESC to bring up the console, then type /video and press the ENTER key.
  • Immediately press SHIFT ESC to hide the console (if it appears in the video).

Urban Terror begins to create the .AVI file.
(Do not press any button: when you press any button, Urban Terror continues to play the demo.)

Note that the display is very slow, which is quite normal (each picture is saved to JPEG).

Once finished with the demo, open the console again and type /stopvideo.

The video is created in the directory:

  • ~/.q3a/q3ut4/videos forLinux
  • c:\Program Files\UrbanTerror\q3ut4\videos for Windows.

Some console commands can be useful to amend the minutes of the video:

  • /timescale can accelerate or slow down the record rate.
  • /timescale 2 will accelerate the rate (time scrolls 2 times faster).
  • /timescale 0.5 will slow down the record rate .
  • /timescale 1 is the defaut setting. You can use all the values you want (0.1, 6.5 ...)
  • /cg_draw2d 0 will remove the display of the HUD (ammunition, score card, ...).
  • /cg_draw2d 1 displays information on the screen.

Urban Terror 4.1: limitation on the size of AVI files up to 2 GB.
If your video is larger, it will automatically cut it into 2GB tracks.

The files generated are: video000.avi, video000.avi_, video000.avi___, video000.avi____, etc...

Then you can queue up these videos in AVIDemux :"File"> "Add".
There is a small bug in UrbanTerror preventing the replay of a demo. Run the following shell script in ~/.q3a/q3ut4/demos to correct file names:

rename 'y/a-z/A-Z/' *    
rename 's/.DM_68/.dm_68/' *     

The AVI file produced by Urban Terror is in the MJPEG format, which is one of the worst nightmare for video compression. (Typically 10 minutes in 800x600 take more than 2 GB).

It is recommended to convert to H264 (with AAC): the video quality will be almost equivalent, but much smaller in size. Moreover, the majority of video sharing sites (YouTube, DailyMotion, etc..) favour the H264/AAC format.

  • You can use AVIDemux to convert your video, and also suppress the display of the console that allowed you to type commands /video and /stopvideo.
  • Start avidemux and upload your video.
  • Slide the the video to the image where the console is not visible, then click the button "A" to signal the beginning of the video.
  • To finalize the video, click the button "B".
  • Only the segment A to B will be saved
  • In the type of video, select "MPEG4 AVC (x264)" (which corresponds to the H264) and click on the button "Configure"
  • Then choose "two passes - Size of the video" for better quality, then the size of the video.
  • For audio, choose "AAC" (faac).
  • Click "Save" and enter a filename.avi
  • The conversion may take some time.

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