Android Lollipop - How to Enable Screen Pinning

Screen Pinning is a new feature available with Android Lollipop. It allows you to lock your smartphone or tablet on a specific app screen, which is quite useful when watching videos or playing games as you no longer have to worry about accidentally minimizing the app. This short tutorial explains how to enable and use screen pinning on your Android device (tested on the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge). Screen Pinning is usually disabled by default. To enable this feature, simply go to Settings > Personal > Lock screen and security:

Go to Security > Other security settings:

Scroll to the Advanced section and tap on Pin windows:

Toggle Pin Windows on:

Screen pinning is now enabled on your smartphone. Open the app you want to pin and then tap on the Recent Apps softkey. Tap on the Pin button displayed at the bottom right corner of the app overview:

Confirm your selection in the Enable Pin windows screen by tapping on Start:

Your screen is now locked on the selected app. To disable screen pinning simply tap and hold on the Recent Apps + Back softkeys until the following message is displayed: No longer locked to app.
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