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How to safely remove the Linux partition from Windows XP?

Removing the Linux partition from the Windows XP operating system can only be done if two operating systems are installed on the hard disk. Linux is installed in the HFS partition which remains hidden from Windows XP operating system. The Linux partition can be seen as an "Unknown partition" from Windows XP Administrative Tools. After deleting the partition, it must be formatted in FAT32 file system so that it can be used again by Windows XP. After removing Linux, the Master Boot Record must be restored properly so that Windows XP operating system can start without issues. The Master Boot Recordcan be restored using the fdisk command.

You will be able to remove Linux using Windows XP if you have the two operating systems installed on your hard drive. Linux is installed in HFS Partitions so it will be hidden in Windows.
You will have to follow the steps below to successfully remove Linux and restore your Master Boot Record so that Windows XP can boot.

Removing Linux in Windows XP

  • Open "Control Panel"
  • Open "Admistrative Tools"
  • Open "Computer Management"
  • Click on "Disk Management": you will notice the partition "Unknown Partition" where linux is installed and other information.
  • Right-Click on this partition and select 'Delete Logical Drive'
  • Then format this partition in FAT 32 file system, it will appear in "My Computer"

Restoring Master Boot Record

You can use your Windows Boot disk with all the basic DOS Commands loaded on to the disk.

Type this DOS command:


Then type:

fdisk /mbr

Or you can use your Windows XP disc to run the recovery console,
pick which xp install you would like to boot in to (usually you will pick #1)
then type: fixmbr. Answer Y to the dialoge.

So now you will be able to boot Windows XP without any problem.


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