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Connect your Wii to the Internet

Wii is one of the most popular gaming consoles coming from the stable of Nintendo. One can use the Wii to connect to the internet as well to enjoy online gameplay. One can use either Wi-Fi or USB Wi-Fi connectors. To connect to the internet one should find an access point, enter the network key and then save the settings. For connecting through a MAC the user will need to go to the sharing menu in system preferences. One can also choose from Ethernet connection by choosing the relevant settings for IP address, subnet, router address and DNS servers.

There are two ways to connect your Wii to the internet.
Either via Wi-Fi or USB; Nintendo provides a USB Wi-Fi connector compatible with both the Wii and DS. Once installed, you simply have to configure your Wii consoles.

Wi-Fi connection (Windows)

Firstly, to connect your Wii to Wi-Fi, you should turn on your Wii and click on the option tab, then:
  • Parameter.
  • Go go to page 2 and click on Internet.
  • Configure Connection and choose between:
    • Wireless.
    • Find an access point.
    • Select your network operator from the list.
  • Enter Wi-Fi network key and click OK before saving.
  • The Wii will connect automatically and ask you if you want to update: Accept.

To play online games you must make some updates so click:
  • Option .
  • Parameter.
  • Wiiconnectct24
  • Then click validate

Wi-Fi connection (MAC)

The network configuration:
  • Click the apple in the top left of the screen.
  • System Preferences
  • Sharing
  • Then Internet.

Ethernet Internet connection
  • Go to AirPort > wireless connection.
  • Now click Airport Options.
  • Give a name for your network.
  • Click OK

Now, go back to System Preferences, then:
  • Click Network.
  • Show and select AirPort.
  • TCP / IP.
  • Configure IPv4 Manually.
  • And enter the following parameters:
    • IP Address:
    • Subnet:
    • Router Address:
    • Both DNS Servers:

Detecting Wireless Connection

  • Check out on the Wii if the wireless connection has been detected.
    • Enter the following information:
    • IP Address:
    • Subnet:
    • Router Address:
    • Both DNS Servers:

In case of failure

  • Check that the distance between the box (router) and console isn't too far.
  • Also make sure that the Wii has detected the correct encryption method of your Wi-Fi router.
  • Make sure your router mode of your box is activated.
  • Test your Wi-Fi connection with another device.

Error 51330:
Problem: The Livebox won't detect the console:
  • From the home menu
  • Click the right arrow.
  • Choose Internet.
  • Connection settings.
  • Search for an access point.
  • The Livebox with a red padlock in front, will be displayed.
  • Enter the WEP key of your Livebox to unlock it.

The below trick only works Sagem Livebox:
  • Enter the MAC address of your computer.
  • On the Wii, go to General information and copy the MAC address.
  • Turn on the computer.
  • Start > All programs > Livebox > Livebox Settings
  • A window opens and prompts for the user name/admin and the password,
  • Click above on "Wireless network" then click Edit Mac Filter List.
  • Enter the MAC address of the Wii and replace the hyphens with a colon ":" (use lower case for the characters).
  • Save your settings and test your connection.

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