MagicLinks - Automatic Links on CCM has a built-in feature to automatically create hyperlinks in your posts. This feature is called MagicLinks. MagicLinks are suggestions to create hyperlinks which are automatically displayed when your text contains specific keywords. MagicLinks can be inserted forum posts or FAQ published on to provide additional information about a computing term or give the download link to particular software. Links are suggested below the text field after each line break. For example, if your text contains the word CCleaner then a suggestion to create a link to download the CCleaner software will be displayed below the text field. Simply click on the tick icon to apply the MagicLink or on the cross icon to discard it:

Once you have validated the creation of the MagicLink the corresponding word(s) will be appear as a clickable URL (in blue) in your text:

If several links are suggested, it is possible to validate all of them in one go by clicking on Apply All:

NB: Prior to the validation of multiple MagicLinks you should remove any unnecessary links that do not contribute to the discussion.
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