How to Turn Off Game Request on Facebook

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If you use Facebook for the sole purpose of keeping in touch with your friends and don't intend to play games provided on the social network, then the game invites you constantly receive from your friends are not always appreciated. This tutorial explains how to block constant game invites from your friends and at the same time prevent the games updates from invading your news feed. Connect to your Facebook Account. Go to on Settings > Notifications:

Go to What You Get Notified About and click on the Edit button located next to App requests and activity:

All apps that have access to your Facebook account are listed in this section. To disable notifications from a particular app, click on the drop-down menu appearing next to it and select Off:
To block game invites from a particular contact, simply go to the Blocking section > Block app invites. Enter the names of the users who are constantly sending the annoying game invites:

You can also prevent apps from contacting you or access your Facebook information by typing their names in the Block apps field:

If you ever change your mind about games invites, then you can unblock them via the same menu.

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