LG G4 - How to Optimize Call Quality in Noisy Environments

April 2018

The LG G4 is the latest flagship smartphone from the South Korean manufacturer and it packs a wide array of innovative and unique features. In this tutorial you will learn how to easily boost call quality when using your LG G4 in a noisy environment. It can be achieved by enabling a couple of small settings in the Phone app.

Open the Phone app, tap on the Menu button (3 small dots) displayed at the top right corner of your screen and select Call Settings. Scroll to the Outgoing Calls section and enable the following options Noise Suppression and Voice Clarity, by ticking the corresponding checkboxes

Both of these features have been designed to optimize call quality when using your phone in noisy environments. The Noise Suppression feature suppresses background noise on your end which can help your interlocutor to better hear you. As for the Voice Clarity option, it can help to improve the voice quality when performing hands-free calls in noisy environments or vehicle.

Warning: In some situations Voice Clarity or Noise Suppression can cause you to hear an echo or experience other sound issues when making calls. These features (disabled by default) were not meant to be used on a permanent basis, so don't forget to turn them off when not needed.
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