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How to Compare Your Hardware Configuration Online

The term hardware configuration encompasses the set of components making up PC along with the operating system installed, three main components being the graphics card (GPU), the processor (CPU) and RAM.

Your current hardware configuration vs recommended ones

To find out more about your current hardware configuration, you can either use software like Speccy, Aida64Extreme or CPU-Z. The information can also be obtained without the need for you to download and install any software. Go to the Control Panel > Hardware and Sound> Devices and Printers> Device Manager. Open the drop down menus next to Graphics Cards and Processor. To get information about RAM and the operating system, you must go to: Control Panel> System and Security > System.

What can be done with all the info you have gathered so far? Well you can compare your current hardware configuration with recommended ones.

Random access memory (RAM)

The amount of RAM your PC requires will be based on the following factors:

Your current operating system - Depending on the OS installed your PC must be equipped with a certain amount of RAM to ensure a smooth usage.
How you use your computer - Games and video editing software requires a minimal amount of RAM to work properly.
Motherboard - Read the manual provided with your motherboard to check the maximum amount of RAM allowed.

The processor (CPU)

You can easily compare the performance of your CPU with other models by going to https://www.cpubenchmark.net/cpu_list.php. Type the name of your processor in the search bar and then click on Find CPU. Select the entries you want to add to the Compare list:

Click on Compare to view the results:

The higher the score (CPU Mark) the better the processor, thus its ability to run games or intensive software:

The graphics card (GPU)

The final step is to check the performance of your graphics card. If you are using a laptop,\ the connect to www.notebookcheck.net, type the name of your graphics card and you will get a list of all the games compatible with your current configuration. Desktop PC users can benchmark their GPU on this link: www.videocardbenchmark.net.

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