How to Prevent Firefox from Reading DRM Content

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The latest version of the Firefox browser integrates new DRM system (Adobe Primetime CDM) allowing users to gain access to DRM protected content (audio and video) on the internet. DRM being a propriety (black-box) technology, its integration to the Firefox web browser was not particularly welcomed by many open source enthusiasts. This tutorial describes two method to disable this technology on your web browser:

Turn off Adobe Primetime DRM

To prevent the DRM system from being triggered when you visit website dissemination DRM protected content:

Open the menu in Firefox, and click Add-ons to open the Add-ons manager. Go to the Plugins section and next to Adobe Primetime DRM select Never Activate.

Opt out from DRM content

To permanently opt out HTML5 DRM playback in Firefox:

Open the menu in Firefox, and click Options > Content. Clear the Play DRM content checkbox:

Close the Options window.
Jean-François Pillou

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