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How to Deactivate or Close a Pinterest Account

You have sign-up to Pinterest out of curiosity and don't really like it? You want to take a break or don't have the time to manage your Pinterest account? This step by step procedure explains how to temporarily deactivate or permanently close your Pinterest account.

Sign-in to your Pinterest account, click on your profile picture in the top-right corner of your screen and then on the cog icon > Account Settings:

Go to Account Basics > Accounts and then click on Deactivate account:

At this point two choices are available:

Close your account permanently

Click on Close my account permanently if you choose to leave Pinterest for good. All your personal data, pins and boards will be deleted, meaning that you won't be able to recover your account later:

Click on Yes, send the email to receive a confirmation link to permanently close your account:

Temporarily disable (deactivate) your account

If you just want to take some time off and intend to come back on Pinterest, then you should deactivate your account instead. Choose why you want to deactivate your account (I can't find interesting Pins, I'll be back. I'm just taking a break!, I don't use or like Pinterest...) and then click on Deactivate my account:

That's it; your Pinterest account has been deactivated. Data relating to your account such profile info, pins and boards is no longer visible. Simply sign-in to Pinterest again to re-activate your account.

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