Samsung Galaxy S6 - Play Videos in Audio-Only Mode

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Listen to a music video clip when the screen device is locked or while using another app on Samsung Galaxy S6. The default video player app of the Samsung Galaxy S6 integrates a small and convenient feature to play video files stored on your device in audio-only mode. The best part is that audio playback can be maintained even when the screen of your device is locked.

Open the Video app and select a video from your gallery. Tap once on your screen to display the playback controls. Tap on More > Turn on Play Audio Only:

Press on the Home key to switch to Audio Only mode, which in the process will "minimize" the Video app and take you back to the homescreen of your device. Locking your phone or opening another app won't interrupt the audio playback.

To exit the Audio Only Mode, tap on the Recent Apps soft key and select the Video app. Tap on More > Turn off Play Audio Only.
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