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How to Connect your iPad Air to a Projector

While the iPad will never replace the traditional PC, it still allows you to cope with office duties perfectly. In this small guide, you will learn how use the iPad Air for your PowerPoint presentations.

What is required

iPad Air (fully charged), PowerPoint app for iPad, a projector and finally a HDMI or VGA adapter.

You can get the PowerPoint app for free on the AppStore. Alternatively you can use Keynote app. It is priced at 9, 99 dollars, but all the different features it integrates make it worth its cost.

The Lightning to VGA Adapter or Lightning Digital AV Adapter can be purchased online (for 49 dollars) or at your local Apple Retail Store. If you want to use a cheaper alternative from third party manufacturers, it will be at your own risk.

Connecting the iPad to the projector

Besides the Lightning port the iPad has no further port, so connecting it to a projector is really easy. If your projector is equipped with HDMI then opt for the Lightning Digital AV Adapter. The end with the Lightning adapter (1) goes into your iPad. Use a HDMI cable to connect your iPad (2) to your HDMI compatible TV or projector. As for the small port (3) next to HDMI is an extension to the Lightning port; it simply allows you to power your iPad during the presentation:

The screen of your iPad is automatically mirrored on the connected display or projector. No complicated configuration is required, you simply have to launch PowerPoint and start your presentation. Connection via HDMI is recommended for HD presentations (in 1080p). For older projector models equipped with VGA only, use the Lightning to VGA Adapter.

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