Renew your IP address

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Internet access issues can be solved by renewing the IP address of the computer. The ipconfig command can be used to release the IP address and to obtain a new IP address from the Internet Service Provider. An alternative method to renew the IP address is to disconnect from the modem and network and reconnect after a break of at least three hours. The ISP server will automatically allocate a new IP address to the computer. However, using the ipconfig command to renew the IP address is a much faster process as the address is assigned almost immediately.


Sometimes you are unable to access the internet even if the LAN cable is connected and the router is running normally! You can also get this "Limited or no connectivity" which will appear on your connection icon on your taskbar!


All you will have to do is to renew your IP address, which only takes 1 minute!!

Try this:
  • Click on Start > RUN > Type: CMD
  • In the command prompt type: IPCONFIG /RELEASE

You will notice that there's no IP address assigned!
  • Type: IPCONFIG /RENEW to renew your IP address

An alternative which is sometimes best, is when you have done ip/config/release, disconnect your modem for at least three continuous hours. After those three hours, when you return to the internet, the ISP server will have allocated you with a new IP.

The problem will be solved!!

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