LG G4 - How to Enable the Glance View

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Glance View is a small feature available on most of LG's smartphone lineup (including the LG G4) which allows users to check for notifications without unlocking the screen of their device.

How to enable the Glance View

The Glance View is only available when the screen lock feature of your smartphone is enabled. There's no dedicated switch to toggle it On/Off in the settings menu.

So, to enable the Glance View, go to Settings > Display > Home & Lock > Lock Screen > Screen Security > Select screen lock and choose between: Swipe, Knock Code, Pattern, Pin or Password.

Don't worry as Glance View works with all of the screen lock methods.

How to use the Glance View

Glance View can be activated by dragging your finger from the top of your screen (locked). A small menu displaying the current time and pending notifications will be displayed. Glance View will be maintained as long as you keep your finger on the screen.
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