How to Improve Text Readability on Your PlayStation 4

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Here are a couple of tips that can help to make text and menus easier to read on your PlayStation 4. The 2.50 system update introduced several new features aiming to make your console easier to use. The first tip explains how to enable and use the Zoom feature. Go to Settings > Accessibility > Zoom and tick the Zoom checkbox:

You can zoom in on a specific area of your screen by pressing the PS + Square button simultaneously. From there you can use the directional keys or sticks to move the zoomed area across your screen. Press the Circle button to exit the zoom mode. Back to the Accessibility menu, there a couple of options that can be enabled to improve text readability on your console. Tick the checkboxes next to Larger Text, Bold Text and High Contrast:
The last feature is the Text Drop Shadow option which is located under Settings > Theme. It allows you to set a shadow style for the text on your console (Standard, Black or White). The new setting applies only to your current theme.