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How to Backup Your Android Device with Mobile Go

MobileGo is a free application published by Wondeshare that allows you to manage the content of your Android or iOS device from a PC. You can, for example, create a backup of all the data stored on your smartphone, manage your media files (photos, music, videos, apps, games...) and access advanced features such as rooting your Android device, permanently delete files, control your mobile device with your PC (mirroring) and much more.

Download and installation

Download the application from the official website: http://mobilego.wondershare.com/.
Double-click on the .exe file to launch the installation, click on Install and follow the onscreen instructions (this requires an internet connection):

Syncing your smartphone with MobileGo

Once installed on your PC, launch the application and select the type of device you want to manage. The latest version of Mobile Go now supports iOS devices such as the iPhone and iPad:

Connect your Android smartphone to your computer either via Wi-Fi or using a USB cable:

If prompted to enable USB Debugging on your smartphone, please read: How to Enable USB Debugging Mode.

Wait for the application to detect your phone model and prompt you to install mobile version of Wondershare MobileGo, which can be downloaded from the Google PlayStore.

Mobile Go - Overview of the Interface

Now that you have synced your smartphone with MobileGo, it's time to discover the features available.

The My Device Tab

The application automatically opens in the My Device tab:

The menus present in left sidebar allow you to manage the content of your device:

Apps - Install apps (from apk), uninstall apps, backup apps on your PC and manage system apps.
Contacts - Import or export your contacts, create new contacts and delete duplicate contacts
SMS - Backup and restore your SMS messages, manage unread messages, send new ones...
Music, Photos and Videos - Manage your media files. Import or export your media files
Files - View and manage the files and folder stored on the phone's internal memory or memory card (File manager).

The Super Toolkit tab

The Super Toolkit tab gives you access to all the tools available in Mobile Go, including the advanced tools (One-click Root, Audio & Video conversion, Export to Outlook...):

The Download tab

The Download tab allows you to download APK files (apps) from the Google Play Store, videos from YouTube and MP3 files:

Apps, videos and music files downloaded with Mobile Go are automatically transferred to your smartphone.

Backup/Restore Data with Mobile Go

One of the most useful features of Mobile Go, is perhaps its ability to backup the content of your smartphone. The procedure is easy and straight forward:

In the My Device tab, click on the One-Click Backup button:

Select the items you want to backup (call logs, contacts, media...) by ticking the appropriate checkboxes. Choose the location to store the backup file and click on Backup:

Restoring data on the phone (from a backup file) is very simple. You can do this by clicking on the Super Toolbox tab and selecting Restore:

Choose the type of content you want to restore, and then click on Restore:

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