How to Improve the Visibility of Your Online Store

In this guide you will learn about the different methods that can be implemented to improve the visibility of your online shop, attract more visitors and in the process establish the right strategy to boost the sales volume.

The visibility of your website will primarily depend on its SEO . Do not skimp on the text content, as it is the key to improve your ranking in the SERP (search engine result pages). Describe your products in detail and don't forget to use the appropriate keywords in your text. Add pages (about us) relating to history of your business, your activities, your partnerships and finally use a blog to publish articles and news about your business or products (update regularly).

Use relevant (related to your business) and well chosen (not too competitive/aggressive) keywords when writing your text. Google Trends or other keyword tools can help you to find the right keywords relating to your activity. Publishing new content on a regular basis will bring a new level of dynamism to your website and optimize the SEO. The domain name is your online identity; it tells people who you are and also allows you protect your brand. Choose a good domain which is easy to remember, pronounce, write, relevant to your business and as short as possible. Guest blogging and link exchange: you can also create partnerships to develop your visibility. Think of influential bloggers related to your field of activity and do not hesitate to send samples so that they talk about your product or brand. You can also, for example host of contents from a third author on your website or vice versa (guest blogging). You can increase the visibility of your products through ads campaign. Whether it's on social networks or through Google Adwords, it may be worth investing in an advertising campaign. The success of your advertising campaign will depend on how well it has been prepared. Here are some important factors that you need to take into consideration: define the target audience, choose the appropriate media and keywords. Use a tempting and attractive vocabulary in your text. Highlight the unique features of your online store and what differentiates you from your competitors. Highlight your new products by putting them on your homepage. Call to Action (CTA) buttons can intice visitors to perform particular actions (purchase, download, registration) on the webpage. To create efficient Call to Action buttons, you must highlight the sense of urgency (promotional offers, time limitation...). The placement of your CTA buttons in the webpage is also important; they must be visible but at the same time remain consistent (in terms of size, color and design) with the other elements of the webpage. Perform simple tests ensure the effectiveness of your CTA buttons: change their format or placement every 3-4 weeks and compare the results. Use Google Analytics to analyze the statistics of your website. You can, among other things, determine which pages or products are the most viewed, the calls to action that work best and user demographics. Offer SOLUTIONS rather than simple PRODUCTS: offer a philosophy, a lifestyle or concept. Show your visitors how your products can transform their lives or how they can meet practical problems of everyday life. Invest some of your time on the story-telling: buyers like to know the history behind the products they like, where they come from, how they were designed and manufactured. Use a fixed header (fixed position) on your site that will be representative of your brand. You must all the elements of your website consistent in terms of design, colors and graphics. It primarily concerns the home page as it the first contact online users have with the brand.

Improve navigation on your website: the structure of your site must be convenient and easy to understand. Organize your products by categories. Add your logo (redirecting to your homepage) in the banner of your website and also provide a search feature so that visitors can find what they need as quickly as possible.

Make your online store looks as much as possible to a physical store, with descriptions and pictures for all of your products. You can also add a couple of demonstration videos (how-to or unboxing) for the most sought products.

Try to give as much detail as possible about your products: dimensions, maintenance tips, materials used...

Make sure that your shopping cart contains all the necessary information for payment, security and shipping, as well as the conditions for the refund, return or exchange of your products.

Furthermore you can add a biography page (short introduction of yourself/founders of the brand, along with some pictures), a contact page (phone, email or links to your social media profiles) and finally a page dedicated to consumer reviews. Retain your customers by offering an entry to your newsletter. Be active on social networks and encourage your loyal fans to share and talk about you on Facebook or Twitter. Attract new visitors with contests: invite your customers to post photos or videos of them using one of your products on social media and reward the best ones. Creating partnerships and participating in events are great ways to animate your community and engage your fans. Foster customer relationships: Reward your most loyal clients with special discounts and other promotional offers.

You now have all the information you require to increase visibility of your online store, attract new visitors, increase sales and build customer loyalty.
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