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Microsoft Edge - How to Add a Webpage to the Reading List

Microsoft Edge integrates some useful features to manage and improve the readability of textual content. Here's a short tutorial on how to use the Reading List and the Reading View:

The Reading View

The Reading View allows you to view articles in full screen mode while eliminating the other elements that may interfere with your reading experience (external links, images, ads...).

You can enter or exit the Reading View by clicking on the small icon displayed next to the address bar (when available) or using the CTRL + SHIFT + R hotkey:

The Reading List icon turns blue when enabled.

You can also adjust the background type and font for the Reading View. Click on the Ellipsis menu > Settings > Reading:

You can choose the default Reading View Style (Default, Light, Medium or Dark) as well as the Reading View Font Size (Small, Medium, Large or Extra Large).

The Reading List

The Reading List is a bookmarking feature integrated into Microsoft Edge that allows you to save your videos or articles for later, thus removing the need for you to download and install a third party extension to fulfill this role.

To add a webpage containing a video or text to the Reading List, you simply have to click on the star shaped icon (Add to Favorites) displayed in the address bar > Reading List:

Choose a title for the video or article you want to save and then click on Add.

That's it the page has been added to your Reading List, you can access it at any moment by clicking on the Hub menu > Reading List:

To remove an article from the Reading List, simply right-click on it > Remove:

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