Android- How to Enable the Guest Mode

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This tutorial explains how to enable the Guest Mode on Android Lollipop , which creates a separate guest session to protect the access to your personal data (messages, call logs, apps...) each time you need to hand your phone to another person.

Guest Mode is a feature available on most smartphones running Android Lollipop and this procedure has been tested on a Sony Xperia Z3:

Go to Apps > Settings > Device > Users:

Tap on the Cog icon and tick the Allow phone calls checkbox to maintain the ability to make calls during the guest session:

Tap on Guest Mode and follow the onscreen instructions:

Guest Mode provides full access to the features of the smartphone; the user can sign-in with his personal Google account, download apps, play games and much more. But it should be noted that the guest session ends when you switch back to your primary account (owner) and all of its data will be deleted in the process.
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