Sony Xperia Z3 - How to Enable the Power Saving Mode

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The Stamina mode can help to extend the battery life of your smartphone for a couple of hours. This is achieved by disabling certain features (Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, background apps...) of your smartphone. The latest version of the Sony Xperia Z offers three different modes for you to choose from:

Go to Apps > Settings > Devices > Power Management:

The estimated battery time, as well as the different power saving mode are listed here:

The Stamina Mode: This is the basic power saving mode. You can configure your phone to disable background apps, Wi-Fi and Mobile Data when the screen is off (standby mode). You can also enable the Extended usage which lowers the device performance to increase battery life:

The Ultra Stamina Mode: This mode restricts the use of your smartphone to the basic features only (restart required):

The Battery Saver Mode: Automatically turn off features like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Mobile data and Auto-sync when the battery level reaches a certain threshold:
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