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Windows 10 has been available for free download since July 29. The new operating system from Microsoft combines both the features of Windows 7 and Windows 8. Here are some tips and tricks for navigating the new Windows 10 operating system. Cortana, the intelligent personal assistant, is one of the major features of Windows 10. Cortana provides suggestions, answers to your questions, and reminds you of your appointments. This feature uses location data, contacts, voice inputs, as well as information from email, search history and other data to provide tailored information for the user:

Learn more about Cortana here. The Command Prompt window benefited from a major update in Windows 10. You can now copy/paste text block (command results) using the CTRL + C and CTRL + V keyboard shortcuts.

Right-click in the Command Prompt's title bar > Properties. Go to the Experimental tab and tick the Enable new CTRL keys shortcuts checkbox:
With Windows 10, updates can be downloaded from the Internet, but may also be obtained from other computers connected to your local network.

Access other computers by navigating to Start > Settings > Update & Security > Windows Update > Advanced options. Select the Choose how updates are delivered option. Under Get updates from Microsoft, and get updates from and send updates to, select PCs on my local network:
Virtual desktops allow you to expand your total workspace:

Learn more on how to use virtual desktops here. Cortana, the search box, and virtual desktops are among the most important features of Windows 10. However, they take up a lot of space on the task bar. If you would like to customize the task bar, you may do so by right-clicking on an empty area of the task bar, and clearing the Lock the task bar option. You may then select the items you would like displayed:
With Windows 10, you no longer have to experience interruptions and unwanted reboots after updates. You can now schedule when to reboot your system by clicking on Start > Settings > Updates and Security > Windows Update. Click on Advanced Options, and click on the Choose how updates are installed option. Select Notify to schedule restart:
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