Windows 10 Maps in Offline Mode

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Windows 10's Maps app allows users to download maps for specific regions of the world to their devices. This allows users to make local searches and use voice guided navigation features even when an internet connection is not available. This guide will teach you how to download offline maps in Windows 10.

How To Download Offline Maps in Windows 10

Maps can be downloaded from the Maps app or Windows 10 Settings.

Download Maps from the Maps App

Open the Maps app, go to Settings (cog icon) > Offline maps and click on Download or update maps:

Download Maps from Windows 10 Settings

Click on Start > Settings > System > Offline Map and click on + Download maps:

Choose a region and select the map you want to download:

Save Offline Maps to USB Mass Storage Device

Offline maps tend to occupy a lot of storage space on the PC (up to several gigabytes). But fortunately, this issue has been addressed with the Threshold2 update. Users can now download and save offline maps to another partition, drive, or USB mass storage device.

The first step is to connect the external storage media to your computer. Once done, click on Start > Settings > Maps > Storage Locations. Click on the Change where you store offline maps drop down menu and select the new location:

Moving forward, your new maps will be saved to the new location.
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