Add the Run Command to the Windows Start Menu

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The Run command enables users to rapidly launch apps, common settings, system tools, online resources, folders, and documents through single line commands.

By default, the run command can be opened by typing the command into the Search box, or by navigating through the contextual menu. This article will teach you how to pin the command to your desktop, allowing you to access it a bit more quickly.

Pin the Run Command to Windows 10 Start Menu

in the Search box, right-click on its corresponding entry and select Pin to Start from the contextual menu:

A tile for the Run command will show up in the Start menu:

N.B. The Run command can be opened by simply typing its name in the Search box and pressing the Enter key. Users can also access the command by right-clicking on Start and selecting Run from the contextual menu options, or by pressing the [Windows] + [R] keys.

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