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Set Up the Friends Screen on the Apple Watch

The Friends screen allows you to call or message your favorite contacts directly from the Apple Watch without unlocking your phone. This tutorial explains how to set up the Friends screen on the Apple Watch.

How To Set Up the Apple Watch Friends Screen

Add Friends from the Watch App

Open the Apple Watch app on the companion iPhone and go to My Watch > Friends. Tap on Add Friend, select the desired contact from your contact list and click on Save:

Repeat the operation to add more people to your Friends screen.

Customize the Friends Screen

You can change the order in which your contacts appear in the Friends screen through simple drag and drop actions. Tap on Edit button and then reposition the entries in the list to your liking. Tap on the - button > Remove to delete unwanted entries from the Friends screen.

Create Additional Friends Screens

WatchOS 2 allows you to group your favorite contacts into multiple Friends screens. You can, for example, create a specific Friends screen for your family members, one for your close friends, and another one for your colleagues. Swipe left to create a new Friends screen.

You have up to 12 of your favorite contacts in each of your Friends screens.

Add Friends from the Apple Watch

Press the Side button of the Apple Watch to display the Friends screen. The Friends app will display a thumbnail for each of your favorited contacts (organized around a circular menu). Use the Digital Crown to navigate to the desired position in the menu and then tap on the + button to add a new contact (WatchOS 2 required).

Once done, swipe your finger across the screen to move to the next Friends screen.

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