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How Businesses Can Use Facebook to Boost Sales

Social networks are finding ways to respond to the growing need for internet marketing tools.

Over the past few years, the online space has been flooded with integrated features and solutions to help businesses communicate with their customers more effectively. Facebook recently added to its repertoire of solutions, introducing a couple of new features to its business pages: Call-to-Action buttons and a Shop and Services tab. This small guide explains how to take advantage of these new tools. In order to cope with the new shopping habits and expectations of their customers, being present online is a "must" for any business. Social networks foster a large number of users, and are a great way to boost awareness for small and medium sized businesses. Companies can use social networks as a new channel to promote their image (improve the online visibility to the company), build customer relationships (facilitate dialogue between the brand and its customers or prospects), build a community around the brand or a specific product, and/or highlight products or services (promote its product, expertise, or services). On September 8, 2015, Facebook rolled out some new features to promote the products and services of business page subscribers toward the mobile users.

A Call-to-Action now allows mobile users to contact the company directly (request information or take an appointment) from the Facebook app.

A Shop and Services tab allows the company to promote its products or services directly on its Facebook page.

These new features complement those already proposed by the social network on its business pages. Their main purpose is to facilitate communication between the company and its subscribers. Facebook's call to action feature has been on the available on the social network since December 2014. Once configured, the button will provide one-click access to specific actions within the page, such as Book Now, Contact Us, Download Application, Play, Buy, Register or Watch Video.

This feature is even more prominent on the Facebook mobile app and, based on the strategy adopted by the company, it can help to convert user visits into sales. The Shop and Services capability adds a new tab where the company or brand can highlight its products or services. The Shop and Services tab can be used in various ways: to highlight the benefits and services of a beauty salon, present the latest collection of a brand, or to suggest a sports association.

As stated by the social network on its official blog, these new features will greatly facilitate interaction between SMEs and their subscribers. If used correctly, these tools can help a business drive traffic to its website, therefore increasing awareness of their products and services, and ultimately boosting company sales.

Source: https://www.facebook.com/business/news/pages-updates How to Promote a Facebook Page and Gather More Fans
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