Reduce Internet Data Usage in Windows 10

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In Windows 10, a metered connection stands for a network offering limited internet usage (bandwidth), such as when your computer is connected to internet through your smartphone's 3G/4G mobile internet connection (WiFi tethering). Windows 10 will automatically disable background downloads (app updates, driver downloads, or system updates) when your computer is connected to a metered connection, which is a great way of reducing your data usage.

This quick tip will demonstrate how to easily mark a network connection as a "metered connection" in Windows 10.

How To Set Up Metered Connections in Windows 10

Click on Start > Settings > Network & Internet and select the Wi-Fi (or Ethernet) tab. Here, you'll find a list of known networks:

Select the desired network and click on Advanced options. Toggle the Set as metered connection switch On and you're good to go:

If necessary, repeat the operation to add other networks to Windows 10's metered connection list.

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