Samsung Galaxy Note 5 - How to Enable Auto Restart

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The easiest maintenance routine that one can perform on Android is simply to restart their device. It clears the RAM and reboots the OS. If you don't want to have to worry about restarting your device after each major update or for maintenance purposes, then how about letting your smartphone manage these tasks for you. Here's how to enable and configure the Auto Restart feature of the Samsung Galaxy Note 5.

Go to Settings > Personal > Backup and Reset > Device maintenance > Auto restart. Toggle Auto restart on. Auto restart happens when the following conditions are met: Your device is idle (not in use), the battery level is more than 30% and the SIM card lock is disabled.

You can also choose to run this feature only on specific days and time: Go to Auto restart frequency and set the Auto restart time and Auto restart days.
Jean-François Pillou

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