OneDrive - How to Fetch Files From a Remote PC

This tutorial explains how access and download files stored on a remote PC with the OneDrive website. Basically you can sign-in to your OneDrive account using a simple web browser (Microsoft Edge, Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari or IE), browse through the files stored on a remote PC and then download them. In addition to the files stored present the OneDrive folder, you can also access the ones stored in your libraries, download folder, local drives, desktop and network drives.

You simply need to make sure that OneDrive app installed and properly configured on the host PC. Right-click on the OneDrive icon (Notification area) > Settings:

Go to General settings and tick the Start OneDrive automatically when I sign in to Windows and Let me use OneDrive to fetch any of my files on this PC checkboxes:

Click on OK and then right-click on the OneDrive notification icon > Exit and then click on Close OneDrive. Restart OneDrive to apply your new settings. You can either use a Mac or PC to fetch files from the host computer. Open your web browser and go to Click on Sign-in and enter your credentials. Once you are connected to OneDrive select the computer you want to access from the PCs column (the host PC must be connected to the internet and OneDrive should be running for this to happen) and then click on Sign-in with security code:

At the end of the security check, you will receive a confirmation code. Type the code and click on Submit:

You can now browse for your files and download them:

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