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iOS 9 - How to Block Ads in Safari

One of the most anticipated features of iOS 9 is its ability to block ads. Apple now allows the integration of third-party content blockers (add-ons) in the Safari web browser, but it does not provide one by default. This guide explains how to enable content blocking in iOS 9.

Enable Content Blocking

iOS 9 has introduced a new feature in Safari called Content Blockers. In short, this feature is a list that allows you to dictate whether or not to enable or disable content blockers installed in Safari. To access this list, simply go to Settings > Safari and then tap on Content Blockers. This list is empty by default, so the next step is to download and install your first extension. Below is a list of content blockers specifically designed for iOS 9.

Content Blockers for iOS

Peace Ad Blocker

Following the release of iOS 9, Peace Ad Blocker is certainly one of the most downloaded content blocker extensions, even though it is not free. It is powered by the Ghostery database and also includes couple of built-in shortcuts for Safari to easily manage your settings and whitelist (sites allowed to display ads).

Update 23 September 2015: By request of the developer, the Peace Ad Blocker was pulled from the App Store last week, and is no longer available. Apple is currently issuing refunds to customers who downloaded the application prior to its removal from the site.


BlockR is one the best Ad blocker app we've tested so far, but like Peace Ad Blocker it has the disadvantage of being paid app ($ 0.99). Besides its ability to block ads, BlockR also give you access to a wide range of features to protect your online privacy. You can, for example, block other type of content (media, cookies, social buttons...). You can customize your settings and create a whitelist by going to the Adblocker menu > Advanced.

Download BlockR.


1Blocker is a free app to block ads on iOS 9. It allows you to accurately the type of content you want to block (adult sites, advertisements, Facebook or Twitter widgets...). The only disadvantage is that 1Blocker doesn't allow the creation of a whitelist to allow advertising on websites you want to support.

Download 1-Blocker.

Crystal AdBlock

Crystal is an iOS application that removes ads and blocks user tracking on internet sites. Priced at only $0.99, this ad-blocking application has the potential to speed up page load times by 400%, increase battery life on your device, and save about 50% on data usage. The application itself is pretty straightforward to use; simply connect to the webpage of your choice and choose whether you want to allow ads or not.

Download Crystal.


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