Sony Xperia Z - Record a Video of What's Happening on Your Screen

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You want to create a video tutorial on how to use a specific feature of your smartphone or record the gameplay footage of your favorite Android game and share/broadcast it on YouTube or Twitch? Most of the latest models from Sony's Xperia range of smartphone integrates screen recording capabilities.

Screen capture and video capture with the Xperia Z

Push and hold the Power button for a couple of seconds and a small menu will be displayed. Tap on Take Screenshot to capture an image of your current screen and that's it. Screenshots are saved in a folder at the root of your phone's internal memory: Pictures > Screenshots. Recording videos is as easy as taking screenshots. Open the Power menu and then tap on Record Screen to get started:

Choose the recording mode

A small widget will appear. The first step is to choose the recording mode by selecting one of the below tabs:

Record - Record a video and save it to your Gallery:

Broadcast - Perform a live broadcast on YouTube or Twitch:

Configure your settings

Before recording your video you can adjust your default settings (tap on the Cog icon):

Choose the default Video Quality - Full HD (1920x1080), HD (1280x720) and FWVGA (854x480):

Change the Orientation if needed - Landscape or Portrait:

Record your videos

Once you have configured your settings, simply tap on the Record button.
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