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Fiber Optics - Safety Tips

The use of fiber-optic communication has become more widespread over the years. This technology has indeed revolutionized the way we connect to broadband internet connection and/or access cable TV from our homes. But are you aware of the health concerns associated with the misuse of fiber optic technology and how dangerous it can be to the eyes?

What are the risks involved?

You will find a yellow laser warning symbol on most devices that offer fiber optics connectivity. This logo indicates the presence of a laser beam, which is often invisible to naked eye. While you won't feel any pain or discomfort, a direct eye contact with the laser beams (even at low power) carried by the fibers optics can damage the retina of the eye in the long run.

What are the precautions to be taken when handling such equipment?

Avoid direct eye contact with the connector at the end of the fiber optic cable or port on your devices:

Hold the cable sideways, when unplugged:

Use the protection/dust caps are provided with your fiber optic cables. While their primary purpose is to prevent the connectors from being scratched or contaminated (dust particles), they can also prevent exposure to laser radiation:

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