How to Schedule Texts on the Samsung Galaxy Note 5

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Always forget to send "Happy Birthday" messages? Need to remind someone about an important upcoming event? This tutorial explains how to schedule the sending of text messages on the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 and other Android smartphones.

You can either use a native feature offered by some mobile carriers, or download an app from the Google Play Store.

How To Send Scheduled Text Messages on the Samsung Galaxy Note 5

Open the Messaging app, compose a new message and add the recipient(s). Instead of sending the message, tap on the Ellipsis button and select Schedule Message. A new menu will open, allowing you to set the date and time that you would like to send the message. Fill in the fields, and tap Done.

If the Schedule Message option is missing, it is likely that your mobile carrier does not offer such a feature. Here are a few free apps that can fill-in:
SMS Scheduler
Send it later
Text Later
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