How to Add Unlisted Search Engines to Firefox

Unlike Google Chrome, Firefox doesn't provide any default option to add your custom search engines, except for the ones available on But what if you want to be able to make searches on specific websites with Firefox? This tutorial explains how to install unlisted search engines in Firefox using the Add to Search Bar add-on.

Open Firefox and go to Click on the Add to Firefox and follow the onscreen instructions to install the add-on:

The Add to Search Bar option has been added to the contextual menu of Firefox. Go to the desired webpage, right-click in a search field (e.g. and then select Add to Search Bar:

Choose a name, icon and keyword for the new search engine and then click on OK:

Firefox will create a new entry for the selected search engine in its Search bar. When making searches, you simply have to click on the magnifying glass icon and choose search engine you want to use:

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