How To Disable Automatic App Updates in Windows 10

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Updates are important as they usually bring new features to your apps and help to correct known issues (bugs or security vulnerabilities). By default, the Windows Store will automatically update your installed apps as soon as updates are made available. However, if you are looking to disable this feature and proceed with manual updates, here's a quick tutorial on how to do so.

Turn Off Automatic App Updates in the Windows Store

Open the Windows Store app and click on the Profile icon displayed at the top right corner. Select the Settings option:

Go to App updates and toggle the Update apps automatically switch to Off:

Moving forward, automatic app updates will be disabled on your PC.

Check for Updates Manually

It is recommended that you check for updates on a regular basis (each week or month). To do this, open the Windows Store and click on the Profile icon > Download and Updates. Click on Check for updates:

Wait for the Windows Store to search for available updates. Once the options appear, you may choose which apps you would like to update.
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