Use a Live Photo as Wallpaper for the iPhone 6S

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A live photo is a photo that includes sound and video. It primarily consists of a photo combined with 1.5 seconds of video snippets captured both before and after taking the photo. This quick tutorial will teach you how to take advantage of the live photo feature to create a custom and animated photo background for your iPhone. Open the Camera app and tap on the Live Photo button (located between HDR and Timer menus). The button will turn from white to yellow, indicating that the Live Photo Mode has been enabled. Simply take photos as you normally would.

Live photos are saved to your photo gallery, just like any other photo. You can animate your live photos through the use of 3D Touch. Go to Photos, select a live photo, and tap on the Share button. Swipe across the screen to browse the sharing options and select Use as Wallpaper. Make sure the Live Photo option is selected, and then tap on the Set button to proceed. You can use the live photo as a wallpaper for the lock screen, homescreen, or for both of them (Set Lock Screen, Set Home Screen, or Set Both).

Your new wallpaper is now up. It may initially look like a regular photo, but force touching on your screen will activate the live feature.