Animated Snapcode in Snapchat

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Snapchat allows you to personalize your snapcode by adding an animated selfie. A snapcode is a unique identifier displayed in the profile of your Snapchat account. It works similarly to a QR code, allowing people to add you by scanning your snapcode with their camera.

This tutorial explains how take advantage of the new personalization feature.

How To Personalize Your Snapcode

Set your new snapcode by opening your Snapchat app and then tapping on the ghost icon displayed at the top of your screen. This will display your profile page:

Tap your snapcode to display the snapcode selfie screen. Click on the circular button to take a selfie:

Snapchat will take a total of five selfies in order to create the animation.

If you would like to remove or change your animated selfie, go back to the snapcode selfie screen and tapt this button:
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