Vacation Responses in Windows 10 Mail App

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If you are taking some days off from work and would like to notify people who are emailing you that you are unavailable, you simply have to enable the autoresponder feature of your email client.

Here are the instructions on how to set up Automatic Replies (also known as away messages, out of office messages, or vacation responses) in the Mail app of Windows 10.

How to Set Up Automatic Replies in Mail App

Open the Mail app and click on the Cog icon to display the Settings panel. Click on Options and select the desired email account. Toggle the Send Automatic Replies switch On, and write your message:

If you'd like to restrict the use of this feature to people who are in your contact list, then leave the Send replies only to my contacts checkbox ticked.

Repeat the operation to enable Automatic Replies for other email accounts linked to your mail app. Close the Options panel when done.
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