How to Enable Dropbox Integration for Gmail

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This tutorial will guide you through the steps to enable Dropbox Gmail integration on the Google Chrome web browser. In doing so, you'll gain the ability to rapidly attach Dropbox files to your Gmail messages without leaving the email composition window.

Dropbox Gmail integration is currently available to Google Chrome users only. Once enabled, it will add a Add file using Dropbox shortcut to Gmail's compose window:

You can enable Dropbox for Gmail in one of two ways: with Google Chrome, or with the Dropbox Desktop Client. Open Google Chrome, follow this link and click on the Enable button:

Google Chrome will then display the Add "Dropbox for Gmail"? confirmation dialog. Click on Add Extension > OK to enable Dropbox integration on your web browser:
In order to use the Dropbox Desktop Client method, you must first have both Google Chrome and the latest version of Dropbox Desktop Client installed on your PC.

After upgrading or installing the Dropbox client, the following message will be displayed when you open the app: "Introducing Gmail integration - attach Dropbox files directly from your email". Click on Enable button to enable Gmail integration:

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