Installing Mantis Bug Tracker

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Mantis Bug Tracker is a utility software for event management and is coded in PHP-MySql structure where PHP prepares the front end and MySql the back end. Linux is the preferred Operating System with the requirement of LAMP (Linux-Apache-MySql-PHP). The Apache-MySql combination for receiving http requests and DBMS support is the best applicable for this. After downloading Mantis Bug Tracker, one has to place it in the concerned webserver. By using administrator login with root password, Mantis can be verified in that URL. In MySql, a database and some user accounts with necessary permissions have to be created. Once done, Mantis has to be configured via config_inc.php file.

Mantis BT is an open source tool for event management. The tool is written in PHP and relies on a database to work. The database recommended for implementation of Mantis is MySQL.


  • The tools making up Mantis BT are native to a software suite widely used in Web development called LAMP (Linux-Apache-MySQL-Php).
  • Linux is the OS that will host the Mantis.
  • Apache is the front-end Web server to receive HTTP requests.
  • MySQL is a tool recommended DBMS to host the database of Mantis.
  • Php is the tool of interpretation of PHP language allowing the use of dynamic web pages.

Configuring MySQL

Configure MySQL to create a database and an authorised user on this database. In our case, the database is called "mantisdb" and the user name "mantis".
  • Creating the database
    • Connect to the MySQL console:
    • create database mantisdb;
    • Creating the user account
    • grant all on mantisdb.* to 'mantis'@'localhost' identified by 'password'; 

Installing Mantis

  • You must download the archive containing MantisBT. Unpack the archive in the web directory of your webserver (eg / var / www)
  • Go to this page via your web browser to continue the installation:
  • Put the values shown in the **screenshot and click on install/upgrade database.
  • Mantis is now installed.

Configure Mantis

  • Configuring mantis is done through the config_inc.php configuration file.
  • The file contains the following lines:

Notes: Thanks to wjaouadi for this tip.

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