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Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Camera Tips & Tricks

The Samsung Galaxy Note 5 features a powerful 16 MP camera for you to take beautiful pictures and record 4K videos, but its large size, slippery texture, and the lack of a physical camera button can make handling difficult.

Fortunately, the Note 5 includes a couple of settings which can help to make the Camera app easier to use.

Make the Note 5 Camera App Easier to Use

Enable Camera Quick Launch

There are two ways to launch the Camera app: the first one being the Camera app icon (Apps > Camera), and the second being the Camera Quick Launch option. You can easily open the Camera viewfinder screen by double tapping on the Home button of your Galaxy Note 5.

To enable the Quick Launch option, open the Camera app and tap on the cog icon to open the Camera Settings menu. Toggle the Quick Launch switch On.

Use Selfie Mode

Open the Camera app and switch to the front facing camera. When you're ready for your selfie, simply touch the heart rate sensor located at the back of your phone (below the main camera) to capture the photo.

Control the Camera with Your Voice

Camera Voice Control allows you to capture photos or record videos using voice commands. This feature is available on most Samsung smartphones, and can be enabled from the Camera Settings.

Open the Camera app, and go to Camera Settings. Toggle the Voice Control option On to enable the voice control.

Set the Volume Keys to Take Pictures or Record Videos

This final tip explains how to repurpose the volume keys as a physical camera button on the Note 5. Note that enabling this feature will require a temporary sacrifice of your zoom options.

Go to Camera Settings, tap on Volume keys function, and select between Take pictures and Record videos.

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